How to Decide Between Staying Together, Separating, or Divorce With Kids

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For a year, you and your spouse have been arguing about almost everything and anything. From long hours at work to pick up the kids at school, every situation seems to have an issue. Searching for hope, you might begin to think about the D-word, divorce. However, you have heard about all the horror stories when it comes to divorce proceedings, exposing your children to risks of negative effects on their lives.

Staying Together Versus Divorce

Likely, staying together for the children remains an option. However, divorce is the solution you want for yourself to gain peace of mind. Children can be negatively affected by either of these options, no matter how amicable the settlement should you choose divorce. The next step you should consider taking before making a decision is to talk with your children about the situation.


Many have turned to separation before filing a divorce. Separating can provide positive results, helping you and your spouse determine the next course of action to take. You may also want to consider seeking support to help you begin the healing process for yourself and your children.

When Divorce is the Only Way

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