How to Create the Dream Garage That Will Make All Your Friends Jealous

Whether you’re remodeling your current garage or are considering garage estimates in Highland, it’s important to consider the elements you can include to truly make this part of your residence a cut above the rest. While a garage should be functional above all, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun as you conceptualize what ultimately represents a significant part of your home.

Start at the Bottom

While bare concrete or basic epoxy coatings may be the most popular choices when it comes to garage floors, that doesn’t mean that these are the only options available. You can design the floor using a variety of different colors and materials, allowing you to create the look of a racetrack, a classic diner, or pretty much whatever you please. With this creative foundation in place, the rest of your dream garage will begin to come together.

Those Unexpected Elements

Part of what makes a garage so fun to create is its sheer size. Even the smallest garage is still larger than most rooms in a house, which allows you to add elements that wouldn’t be practical in a living room or bedroom. In many cases, these elements don’t even have to be part of the initial garage estimates in Highland as they can be added later once the space is complete. For instance, how about a giant TV to enjoy the game while you’re working on your car? Or a hammock in the corner so that you can take a nap in the “outdoors” even when the weather is lousy? The only limit is your own imagination.

Keep It Comfortable

One factor that limits many garage designs is the fact that the space is not heated or cooled, meaning it can become uncomfortable during extreme temperatures. However, if you’re designing your dream garage, there is no reason not to include HVAC capabilities. A conditioned garage ensures you can get work done no matter the weather. Also, if your garage is attached to your house, a climate-controlled garage helps to regulate the temperature in the rest of your home more effectively. If you’re ready for your dream garage, contact Garage Guys of Indiana, Inc. today.

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