How to Automotive Locksmith in Canandaigua, NY Can Help Protect Your Car

How to Automotive Locksmith in Canandaigua, NY Can Help Protect Your Car

Knowing what an Automotive Locksmith in Canandaigua, NY can do for you will help you learn new ways to protect you and your car. Most people think that a locksmith will help you get into your locked car where you left the key inside or that they will make new keys. That is true, but lock technology today has become more advanced. There are many new ways to protect your car, and locksmiths can help.


Transponder Keys

Many new cars use transponder keys instead of traditional keys. You no longer have to place the key in the ignition and turn it. All you have to do is hit a button and the car starts. These keys are much more expensive to replace. It runs on battery that can cost more than regular batteries. Also, each transponder is set to work for only one car. A locksmith can provide batteries and re-program the key to your car, if necessary.

High Security Keys

When you purchase a car, you often just use the key it came with, right? It is usually a typical key that many people can copy without a problem. High security keys are a lot more complicated to copy. These keys have a unique key code or serial number. Without that code, no one can copy the key. Duplicating the key takes a longer process and requires different technology. It is not easy to learn the process or have the equipment, and thieves have not yet learned how to copy it cheaply.

Broken Keys

It’s frustrating to leave your key locked in the car, but it’s even more frustrating when the key breaks inside the lock. It happens. When it does, it requires much more than an unbent coat hanger to open the door. Locksmiths will go to your location and extract the key from the lock without damaging or removing the lock. Hopefully, you have a spare key to get home with, but if not, at least you have a locksmith there to make a new one.

Visit an Automotive Locksmith in Canandaigua, NY to learn more about protecting your car and the people and things inside it.

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