How to “Age in Place”

When you have raised a family and a community, been involved in every aspect, and have come to love your Palm Beach County neighborhood and neighbors, you may not want to leave just because the aging process changes the way that you need to do things.

The concept of aging in place is not new, but it is coming to the forefront as the frontline Baby Boomers age into their 70s, and the leading edge of Gen X contemplates their 50s.

When thinking of aging in place, the first things that come to mind are ugly steel handrails in the bathroom. With a kitchen and bathroom remodel based on the principles of universal design, staying at home requires no compromises.

Not Just about Seniors

Universal design is not just for seniors. Think about using the kitchen or bathroom when you’re pregnant or protecting a small child from the hazards of the kitchen while making them both comfortable and safe in the bathroom. Spaces that evolve with your family are universally designed so that anyone of any age or ability can use them safely, comfortably, and confidently.

The seven principles of universal design are not just for public buildings and spaces, but homes, families, kids, and seniors. A beautiful, attractive, and functional home is something that will last a lifetime and here are some design cues to help you get started.

  1. Increase doorway widths from the standard 32 inches to 36. This will accommodate a standard wheelchair.
  2. Motion sensors for lighting make sense not only at entry points but within the house as well. The lights turn on and stay on when someone enters a room and turn off when the room is empty.
  3. Position faucets to the sides of the sink instead of at the back.

Design Pros Can Help

When thinking about a kitchen and bathroom remodel for your Palm Beach County home, consult a local design firm that is well-versed and experienced in using the principles of universal design.

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