How Tickets Can Raise Your Auto Insurance in Honey Brook

How Tickets Can Raise Your Auto Insurance in Honey Brook

If you have ever been faced with the sinking feeling that accompanies a traffic stop, then you know it is something you never want to experience again. If it is your first time getting a ticket, you will have a lot of questions and concerns. You probably will not know how much the traffic ticket will cost, or if it will affect your Auto Insurance in Honey Brook. Here are a few facts that may help you get some answers and peace of mind during this confusing time.

Insurance Company Policy

Usually, every company that handles Unruh Insurance Agency Inc Honey Brook will have different policies on how to handle a traffic citation. If you are going to be hit with a rate increase, the company generally waits until it is time to renew your existing policy. If your worry is an immediate increase then you are probably not going to happen, but the following year your premium may increase substantially. If you have held a car insurance policy for a while with a company, then they may offer some sort of forgiveness program that will halt any increases in your premium. Generally, these types of policies will forgive one ticket in a three year period. If you get more than one, then you are definitely going to have your premium increased.

Minimize the Damage

One way to minimize the potential rate increase is by taking advantage of driver education courses offered by your local DMV. In some states you can take these courses in an online classroom or in some case you have to travel to the DMV. Usually, these courses will help remove points on your driving record, which can drastically reduce any rate hikes.

The best way to not have to deal with any of these problems is by just not speeding. Always obey posted speed limits to avoid being cited for a traffic violation. In some cases, you will be let off with just a verbal warning. If you need to find information on driver education courses you should contact your local DMV for course schedules and times.

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