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In times of hardship and loss, the ability to provide a sacred and dignified farewell for our loved ones becomes even more crucial. Recognizing this need, the Mother Teresa Program assists individuals and families facing financial challenges, ensuring that they receive the support necessary to honor their loved ones with dignity.

If you’re looking into the funeral cremation cost in or Southfield and might need financial help, below you’ll find more information about this program:

Provides Assistance to Families in Need

The Mother Teresa Program serves as a beacon of hope for families unable to afford proper funeral, cremation and cemetery services. It also extends its support to special organizations within the community.

Indigent services and financial assistance

The program offers two levels of assistance to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families. Those levels include:

• Indigent services: Designed for individuals who are unable to make any payment. In such cases, the program provides complete burial or inurnment services per the Order of Christian Funerals. Therefore, even those facing extreme financial limitations can receive a dignified and respectful farewell.
• Financial assistance: Aimed at individuals who require extended terms for payment. This option enables individuals to access the dignified services they deserve, even if they cannot afford them outright. By offering flexible payment arrangements, the program helps alleviate financial burdens while ensuring families can provide a meaningful and respectful farewell to their loved ones.

Supports the Community

The Mother Teresa Program is a testament to Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services‘ (CFCS) commitment to serving the community. The program addresses the practical aspects of funeral and cemetery services and acknowledges these moments’ emotional and spiritual significance.

How You Can Help

The program, though, wouldn’t exist without the generosity and support of the community. Donations are welcomed at all CFCS locations – your contribution can make a difference in ensuring that more families receive the assistance they need during difficult times. To learn more about how you can support the program or donate, contact Holy Sepulchre today.

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