How Large-Format Printers Make Homecomings Better

by | Mar 13, 2012 | Computer And Internet

Recently, 29-year-old Air Force Staff Sgt. Nicole Rice returned home to West Palm Beach from Afghanistan and was greeted with cheers and a parade. With fire engine sirens blaring and motorcycles accompanying her, Sgt. Rice rode in an open convertible and waved to the crowd. People lined the streets to welcome her back, holding small American flags, banners and posters. Some of the banners and posters were homemade, but others in the crowd held up professional-looking banners and signs to welcome their hero home. These signs were courtesy of large-format printers.

Large-format printers can create signs, banners, posters and other large media that normal printers cannot handle. If you have ever been to a Little League game and have seen banners hanging in the outfield as a form of advertisement, they were most likely produced by large-format printers. Large-format printers are especially advantageous for advertising because they can print on a variety of media. Sometimes they print on paper, but most often they are used to print on vinyl, canvas, poster board and even clothing. They are perfect for outdoor advertising because they can print on weatherproof materials. Whether it’s a banner for Little League, a banner for a local marching band to carry in a parade, or a banner that hangs outside of a newly-opened business, all of them can be printed on vinyl by large-format printers.

Large-format printers can also print in a variety of bold, vibrant colors. Vendors who print promotional materials are especially fond of large-format printers because they can print on multiple surfaces without the costly set-up fees involved with offset printing. In addition, if a change needs to be made from one printing to the next, this is easily accomplished by manipulating the digital data and then resending the new data to the printer, similar to how a revised document can be sent to a desktop printer.

Whether it involves cheering our sports-minded youth on at Little League games, welcoming home our nation’s military heroes or promoting a vendor at an annual convention, durable signage created on large-format printers draws our attention and gets noticed. If you have printing needs that go beyond the capacity of normal printers, large-format printers can definitely assist you.

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