How Field Turf Maintenance Equipment is Used

If you have been to a ballpark, football stadium, or soccer field with natural grass turf, chances are you admired the color of the lush green grass. This would not be possible without high-quality turf equipment. This article focuses on the different types of field turf maintenance equipment, how it’s used, and what makes some better than others.


Turf mowers are not your typical lawn mower. They perform precision cutting and have special turning and pivoting capabilities to make even cuts over changing terrain. Quality mowers have all-belt motors, are easy to transport, and last through heavy-duty applications.


This equipment moves along the surface and uses vibrating tines to penetrate and loosen the soil around and underneath each tine. The resulting holes provide air and moisture deep into the soil, supporting better turf. Quality equipment will not leave cores or plugs when the tines are removed from the holes they create.

Seed Boxes and Spreaders

This equipment is available as an add-on to aerators, tractors, or other equipment. When it’s planting time, they provide an even distribution of seed throughout a field, later providing turf consistent in texture. Quality equipment should provide adjustable seed distribution, durability, and convenience.


This equipment is used to smooth out height irregularities and compact seeds on the soil for faster germination. A quality roller is durable, won’t dent, and can be affixed to various field turf maintenance equipment. They come in a variety of sizes to serve different needs.

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