How Experts Can Be Beneficial for a Commercial AC Repair

When a commercial business looses its air conditioning all kinds of problems can develop. Certainly, a hot building is not a good work environment and customers will turn around and walk out. Many customers may go elsewhere and continue doing business there. It is essential to have a quick response commercial A/C repair company readily available. Ideally, you would have had a company inspect your A/C system every season so you can fix problems before they disrupt your business. Commercial AC Repair in New Jersey is a good source for recommending a company to inspect your A/C system.

The age of your A/C system will determine the problems which could develop. Commercial units often develop problems with the compressor and the blower motor because these components work a lot and tend to develop problems if they are not lubricated or if they are undersized for the task. The Compressor really gets a lot of use in the season.

Another problem area is the coils which can accumulate so much dirt in a commercial environment and very likely no one is assigned the task of keeping these clean. When dirt and debris builds up, the capability of the coils to provide the proper level of cooling is greatly diminished.

Restricted air flow is the cause of 99 percent of the A/C problems. This could be caused by a dirty filter or clogged vents. When the system gets clogged with dirt and debris, it is very likely other parts will faill because they are overworked. In some cases the entire vent system may need to be cleaned.

If the A/C system is cycling on and off more than it should this is an indication of more than one problem. Inconsistent temperatures at each vent indicates a problem with the control mechanisms. You have a problem if your system is squeaking or making loud noises. Of course, if the refrigerant is low the building temperature will be higher than desired. It will be important to find out why the refrigerant is low; it is usually a leak in the system that requires repair.

Any part of a commercial air conditioning system which fails will put stress on other parts. When you suspect a problem you need to have Commercial AC Repair in New Jersey refer you to a company that can help you get your building cool again and keep it cool. Visit First Choice Heating and Cooling for more info.

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