How Do the Dentists in Cherry Hill, NJ Treat Your Cavity?

How Do the Dentists in Cherry Hill, NJ Treat Your Cavity?

Cavities are one of the most common oral health concerns people of all ages face. Cavities are often caused because of poor oral hygiene, but can also occur in people who are careful in caring for their oral health. Cavities often begin in the hard to reach spaces of your mouth. It is in these small cracks and crevices, that decay can easily set in. It is important you see your dentist at least every six months, so he or she can monitor the health of your teeth and gums. In this way, small cavities can be found before they cause massive damage to your teeth. Your dentist can find cavities even before they begin to present you with any symptoms. Through the Dentists in Cherry Hill, NJ, your cavity can be properly treated, so you do not risk losing your tooth.


What Can You Expect When the Dentists in Cherry Hill, NJ Fill Your Tooth?

The most common treatment for a cavity is a filling. Fillings come in materials like resin, porcelain, and metal. The type of filling you have will depend on your preference and what your dentists believes will best benefit the health of your tooth. To begin the process of filling your cavity, the dentist will first need to make sure you feel no pain. This is carried out through an injection of anesthetic around the tooth and in the gum tissue. Once the dentist is sure you are numb, he or she will begin removing the decayed portion of your tooth.

A special dental drill is used to remove the diseased areas of your tooth. The dentist will want to remove as much as possible, so decay does not continue to cause damage in that tooth or spread to the surrounding teeth. Once this portion has been removed, your filling material will be introduced to the tooth. The dentist will fill your tooth with this material, making sure to smooth it out and completely cover any damage in the tooth. This stabilizes your tooth and helps to prevent further damage and pain.

If you are experiencing a cavity and need prompt dental treatment, visit website and allow them to schedule you an appointment right away.

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