How Do Dentists Treat Cavities?

How Do Dentists Treat Cavities?

Cavities can occur at any age, at any time. They can be prevented through good oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing each day are crucial to the good health of your teeth and gums. Though you may practice good oral hygiene habits, you still could be at risk for developing a cavity. This is because there are many spaces, cracks and crevices that your toothbrush cannot reach. When a cavity invades your tooth, it can cause damage that can lead to tooth loss. When you have a cavity, it is important to seek treatment from a dentist, so your tooth can be healed. How Can the Dentist in Farragut TN Treat Your Cavity?

Most everyone knows a cavity is treated with a filling. What many people are not aware of, is there are different materials fillings are made of. They can be made from resin, porcelain, and metals, such as silver, gold, and platinum. The type of filling you will have put in your tooth will depend on your preferences and what your dentist feels will best benefit you. To correct the cavity in your tooth, the decay must first be removed. The removal process is done through a dental drill. Removing all of the decayed areas helps to prevent further spread of the decay and stops the damage to the tooth. Once all of this has been removed, the hole needs to be filled with a filling. This is when the Dentist in Farragut TN will mix your specific filling material and spread it inside the hole in your tooth.

Though you will not feel any pain during the procedure, you may feel some soreness once the numbing agent wears off. This soreness will be temporary and can be relieved through ibuprofen or Tylenol. You should inform your dentist if the pain is ongoing or severe in nature. Now that you know what to expect when you need a cavity filled, you will be better prepared should a cavity strike your tooth. For more information on all of the dental services available or to schedule your appointment, visit website. They can provide you with many different dental treatments to keep your oral health at its very best.

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