How a Juvenile Bail Bond Agent in Elk City, OK Can Help a Defendant and His Family

How a Juvenile Bail Bond Agent in Elk City, OK Can Help a Defendant and His Family

A person who has been arrested and charged with committing a crime must, by law, be held in the court’s custody until the time of his trial that determines his innocence or guilt. Most judges, however, set bail for the majority of the cases brought before them for less serious crimes such as misdemeanors like possessing illegal drugs or drunk driving. There are circumstances in which someone arrested for a more serious felony such as armed robbery or multiple charges allegedly committed at the same time might get bail. Bail is simply a promise made to the court by putting down a certain amount of cash that the accused person will return to court for his trial.

A person who has received bail isn’t required to use a Juvenile Bail Bond Agent Elk City Oklahoma to obtain the money he needs and his release from jail. If his bail is set at just a few thousand dollars and he can easily access the cash, he can pay the entire amount, securing his release. However, for many misdemeanors and more serious crimes with bail set at tens of thousands of dollars, a defendant and his family are less likely to have the money easily available. A Juvenile Bail Bond Agent Elk City Oklahoma will pay the needed bail money to the court in the defendant’s behalf for fee, usually between 10 and 15 percent of the total bail amount.

It’s in the best interest of a person charged with a crime in OK to work with a reputable and honest Juvenile Bail Bond Agent Elk City Oklahoma. Although OK doesn’t require a bail bondsman to be licensed by the state, he must apply for and receive a license from the OK Department of Insurance, which will run a criminal background check on him. The bondsman must also apply for a business license. Many bondsman take classes at the same time they apply for their bondsman and business licenses.

A family that is working to get their family member released from jail on bail is going through a very stressful time. Dealing with an unhelpful, disreputable bail bondsman shouldn’t be an added burden. A Juvenile Bail Bond Agents Elk City Oklahoma who is reassuring, knowledgeable and, above all, licensed can help a person jailed for a crime and his family begin navigating the difficult times ahead.

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