How a Genius Inventor Led to the Proliferation of AC Electrical Wiring in Indianapolis

People who don’t remember their elementary or high school history of science teachings may not know why a company producing electric cars and solar panels is named Tesla. The key has to do with a scientist from long ago and the power of two types of electricity. Batteries power devices through direct current (DC). That’s in contrast to alternating current (AC), which powers most electrical devices through electrical wiring in Indianapolis.

Edison and Tesla

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, geniuses who were contemporaries and rivals in the late 1800s, are both sometimes referred to as the father of electricity. Edison focused on DC current and Tesla on inventing equipment to run on AC power. Their inventions dramatically changed the course of history.

AC Wiring vs. Batteries

Switching electrical current to different voltages can be done fairly easily with a transformer and AC Electrical Wiring in Indianapolis. This is a problem with batteries. It’s also more affordable to send AC electricity over a long distance than is true of DC. These characteristics turned out to be an advantage in the effort to provide municipalities with street lights and homes with electrical lighting. Eventually, DC current mainly became used to power smaller devices, with AC being used for the larger tasks.

AC and DC Rivalry

Edison built a neighborhood DC power system in New York City. In this particular case, however, George Westinghouse proved to have the more effective idea by concentrating on providing two neighborhoods with AC power. One was in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and the other in Buffalo, New York. In 1896, Buffalo became lit up with AC power driven by the force of Niagara Falls.

Portable and Fixed Devices

The portability of devices powered by DC continues to make this type of current popular. Rechargeable batteries can be plugged into a charger and powered back up, while non-rechargeable models are replaced. With these products, people can bring cell phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, flashlights and a myriad of other electronics wherever they want to go. When it comes to appliances, lighting of streets and buildings, and other fixed needs for power, wiring installed by a contractor such as Burtner Electric is the way to go.

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