Homeowner’s Liability

Homeowner’s Liability

When going over your homeowners insurance policy the first type of coverage you normally look for is the value that your dwelling is insured for. Next, you may also find yourself doing the same for the contents to see if it fits your needs. However, the part of your policy that seems to be overlooked is the section called Personal Liability. Most Homeowners Insurance Reading PA policies are written with the amount at $100,000. This protects you against any possible lawsuits that come your way due to negligence on your part both on and off your property.

One of the more common ways this section of the policy protects you is if a visitor to your property slips and falls and injures themselves. This also covers you if someone gets hurt using your swimming pool, falling off of a trampoline, or breaks an ankle while playing basketball in your driveway. Injuries caused by your pets, such as dog bites, are also a part of this coverage.

It also protects you from any damage you, or any family member, may do to someone else’s property. Knocking over a table at a friend’s house and causing breakage or hitting and errant golf ball hurting an individual or breaking a window are two perfect examples. Also, any damage caused by your pet to another’s carpeting or furniture. It also includes some more rare instances that range from false arrest to defamation of character.

As was mentioned earlier, Homeowners Insurance Reading PA normally writes policies with $100,000 worth of coverage. However, just just a few more dollars you can increase it to give you some piece of mind. The next time you talk to your agent you might want to go over this section of your policy. If you would like to pursue this then click here. If you are a pet owner it would be wise to have them give you an explanation of Pennsylvania’s dog bite liability laws. If you feel that your current coverage still compromises your assets then you may want to inquire about an umbrella policy. Please note that this coverage is also included in all condo and renters policies.

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