Home Companion Service and Housekeeping for Elder in Long Island at Independent Living Communities

Senior citizens who do not need around-the-clock access to nursing care may still benefit from other types of assistance. These men and women sometimes decide to move to a community that offers both independent and assisted living apartments. There, they can arrange for housekeeping for elder in Long Island if caring properly for the apartment will be somewhat difficult.

Shaving and Nail Trimming

The new residents of the independent living community may not want assistance with most bathing, grooming, or other personal activities. However, men may want somebody to assist with their daily facial shaving since shaving requires more precision and the ability to grip the razor. Nail trimming can be a problem because of the small devices used for this task.

Meals and Cleanup Activity

These new community members appreciate the opportunity to eat in a common dining area or have meals brought to their apartment when they don’t feel like socializing. People who are somewhat disabled will likely eat better in this setting than they have in a while.

When they do prepare meals in their own kitchen, they can feel reassured knowing that Housekeeping For Elder in Long Island will be provided afterward. They don’t have to worry about washing dishes or putting away the clean dishes if that is a difficult task. The housekeeper will wipe down the countertops and clean any spills when necessary.

Heavier-Duty Tasks

The heavier-duty tasks can also be handled by housekeepers at a community such as The Regency Assisted Living. Many elderly men and women are no longer fully able to vacuum carpeting, for example, especially at times when furniture should be moved. They may have trouble doing the laundry, particularly when they have to strip linens from the bed and then remake the bed afterward.

Getting Ready to Go Out

Some of the community residents may like to have their nicer clothing ironed, which is another service the housekeeper can provide. They may be willing to allow a home companion to style their hair when they are going to church or a social event. Find out more information about one particular community online.

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