Hiring Car Accident Attorneys on Long Island, NY

Hiring Car Accident Attorneys on Long Island, NY

Getting into a car accident can seriously impact your finances and future. Following an accident, you may may not be able to work for a while or you could be handicapped for life due to a third party. This is a situation in which you need Car Accident Attorneys on Long Island, NY. Third party negligence gives you the right to sue for damages. Insurance companies can be rather difficult to deal with and refuses to pay or offer ridiculous settlement. An accident lawyer knows how to work with insurance companies so you get a fair settlement. If other passengers were injured, you need someone to speak with you insurance company on their behalf.

After an accident, you shouldn’t delay seeing your doctor. Seeing your doctor will help you get the evidence you need in court. Some injuries may not be evident following an auto accident. Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean you are without injuries. You could have internal injuries like a closed head injury even without bleeding. Whiplash is a usual injury after an auto accident. Common signs of whiplash include pain or stiffness in the arms, neck, or shoulders, headache, nausea, and dizziness. Never ignore breathing difficulties, hearing loss, lethargy, or confusion. Many car accident ignore these signs thinking they will go away. Delaying treatment can erase crucial evidence.


If you don’t know any car accident attorneys on Long Island, NY, you can find them through newspapers, telephone directories, or your local bar association. Make a list of possible names and begin the initial consultations. The initial consultation help you learn about the lawyer. It is a good time to ask questions about your case. Does the lawyer make you fell comfortable? This is important since you will be working with them regularly. How long does the consultation last? An attorney should take time analyzing your case to see if they can help you. Cost is likely going to concern you. Some lawyers work on contingency or no win no pay. However, you still may have to pay certain expenses associated with gathering evidence.

You shouldn’t try to represent yourself when so much is at risk. You want the best outcome possible to get the justice you deserve. Justice can only come with a lawyer like from the Law Office of Matthew Glassman.

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