Hiring An Orlando Drug Offense Lawyer

Hiring An Orlando Drug Offense Lawyer

While many people assume that a drug offense is in regards to illegal drugs there are many different types of drug offense laws on the books today. These can include everything from illegal drugs to how you transport prescription drugs or even the quantity of specific legal and prescribed drugs that you have in your possession. Your Orlando drug offense lawyer is the professional that is there to help you if you are ever charged with a drug offense.

Protect Yourself with an Orlando Drug Offense Lawyer

A drug crime is a serious issue for anyone. Being charged with a drug offense can impact your ability to find work, may lead to termination of current employment and, depending on the type of charge, may even result in the possibility of lengthy prison time. Through the help of an Orlando drug offense lawyer you may be able to get these charges dropped or have options other than going to court.

Types of Charges an Drug Crime Lawyers in Orland Can Handle

There are many different types of drug related charges that a drug crime lawyer in Orlando handles. These can include possession charges where a person is found in possession of an illegal drug or a controlled substance.

A controlled substance doesn’t have to be an illegal drug. It can be a regulated substance, such as one used in the manufacturing of drugs, or prescription drugs that are narcotic in nature. Other things that will fall under controlled substances are anabolic steroids that are not prescribed for a medical condition or for animal use.

Other charges handled by a drug offense lawyer include possession of drug paraphernalia and felony drug possession. Attorney Robert J Buonauro has experience in representing defendants for many type of drug offenses, including those very serious felony level drug related charges. As these cases often carry significant penalties including extended prison time having the best possible representation is critical for your defense.

There are many different factors that come into play with drug charges. By hiring a top law firm such as Robert J Buonauro, Attorney at Law, you will have the best possible representation at each step in your case.


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