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A person can be said to be disabled for social security purposes, if that person has a physical or psychological condition that renders them unfit to work, despite having the necessary qualifications. This disability should be one that according to the doctor’s expectations, could last at least one year, or result in death.

There are social security benefits for a person with such disabilities to take care of the individual and the family. To get these benefits, you will need to hire a Bartlett social security disability attorney. This article discusses the role of the attorney in the procedure.

You can get the benefits even without an attorney, but in the case that you are denied your initial claim, it is time to hire an attorney to take care of this for you. In most cases, the majority of the people are denied the claims, and they end up taking the suits to court. Hiring an attorney increases the chances of having your claim approved.

Going through the court process when you are sick is stressful. It adds more to your worries when you have to deal with court procedures that you do not know anything about. Hiring an attorney will give you the peace of mind that you require when you know that all your interests are in good hands.

Another reason for you to consider hiring a Social Security Disability attorney in Bartlett Illinois is that you will get timely and correct advice on the procedure. The attorneys dealing with social security matters are efficient, and they know how to present their cases in the interest of the person in whose capacity they are acting.

The attorney will present your case in such a way that your condition meets the listed impairment requirements in the “blue book” of the Social Security Administration. This assurance will help you to focus on other matters that are important to you.

If you consider presenting your claim before the Social Security Administration, it is important that you should be prepared for the court process as statistics show that the claims approved without the court process are few. For more info, contact Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd.

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