Highly Secure Tamper Evident Metal Security Seals

Highly Secure Tamper Evident Metal Security Seals

Metal security seals serve a wide range of purposes. From cable locks to P cables and mini premium locks, there is truly something for all types of secure applications. Metal security seals are tamper evident, and they are often available in a wide range of diameters and sizes to suit every security requirement. Metal security seals are activated as soon as the wire passes through the one way mechanism. This instantly secures your belongings, and although the wire cannot be loosened, it can be tightened to help prevent tampering. Cable locks are often used on trucks and air cargo containers. They can be removed with bolt cutters or a grinder, and they are completely secure since they cannot be removed by hand.

Cable Lock 250

The cable lock 250 is a quality security device. The exterior has ridges engraved into the wire to help protect the device against rough handling. This mechanism is very easily applied, and it can be secured within seconds. This makes it great for those who have a lot of items to secure in a minimal amount of time. The cable lock 250 can also be anodized in a range of colors, making it easier to identify certain types of cargo from a distance. All cable locks are etched with a permanent laser marking, so they can be fully customized. The markings can include any information you see fit, and it can also help to find your item if it ever becomes stolen. The writing cannot be worn down, removed, or tampered with.

P Cable Lock 200

The P Cable lock 200 is another form of cable lock. It comes with a large length of cable that can be adjusted. The lock itself is made from ABS, which provides a great resistance against high impact conditions. This makes this type of lock perfect for cargo or transportation containers, as items can often be rough handled in these situations. You should not choose a standard locking system if your cargo is being transported. Although the lock may be secure, it will not be reinforced in terms of general wear and loading damage. P cable locks and Cable lock 250’s are great for this type of use, and they provide a great sense of strength, security, and safety to your items from the second they are installed.

Mega Fortris is a trusted provider of cable lock 250’s and P cable locks 200’s. They have a range of metal security seals currently in stock.

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