Heating Services in Chattanooga TN: Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

Heating Services in Chattanooga TN: Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

The condition of your home AC systems determines the freshness of the air around the home. However, to get the best out of your home heating systems, you need to pay attention to the proper installation, maintenance and repair of the systems. Below is a list of common AC problems and how Heating Services in Chattanooga TN solve them.

Foul Smells coming from the AC

The AC unit tends to produce foul odors when moisture builds up inside the unit and regular cleaning is not done. The stagnant water accumulated in the unit starts acting as breeding ground for fungi, mold and mildew thus the awful smell. The solution to this problem is simply cleaning the AC unit. In case you are not sure you know how to clean the insides of the unit without ruining parts of the system, you should hire an experienced AC expert to help with the cleaning process.

Abnormal humming from the unit

Most units operate with a soft humming sound. However, if your unit is humming but is not blowing air properly, you could be dealing with a problem such as a seized motor or compressor. If the humming sound turns into a buzzing or clicking sound, you need to call in an AC repair expert to help you fix the problem. In most cases, the experts will locate the faulty component so that the unit can start operating normally.

When the fan is running but there is no cold air

There are three things that can lead to this problem:

* Wrong thermostat settings on the unit

* Problems in the compressor unit of the AC

* Dirty AC coils

To fix this problem, start by inspecting the thermostats. If they have been set to the appropriate temperature, look at the AC coils and clean out any dirt and other debris that could have collected there. If the AC coils are clean, listen for strange sounds from the compressor and call in an expert for repairs.

Those are just two problems that Heating Services in Chattanooga TN can assist you fix. Bailey’s Heating & Air is one place you can get the best AC maintenance and repairs in Chattanooga TN. Contact them and get solutions to all your AC system problems.

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