Have Your Teeth Bleached

If you don’t like the appearance of your teeth, then a cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park can give you advice concerning a variety of treatments. First, you can have teeth bleaching to remove the potentially unsightly stains from the dental enamel on your teeth. With this process, you can see visible results in only an hour. Our dentist will place rubber devices in your mouth to capture excess saliva before protecting your sensitive gum tissue with a liquid substance that dries in only a few minutes. Next, our dentist will apply the bleaching substance to your teeth, making sure to cover the areas between your teeth.

Eliminate Unsightly Tobacco and Juice Stains

When water is injected into your mouth, a chemical reaction with the bleaching substance occurs, and this will bubble away the stains. Our dentist can place a cool laser light inside your mouth to help the bleaching solution work faster. After the chemical reaction ends, you will rinse out your mouth to remove the chemicals and debris. When you look at your teeth, you will notice how white your teeth are. The old stains from smoking cigarettes or drinking grape juice will disappear from your teeth with the bleaching process.

Keep Your Teeth White

A cosmetic dentist in Lincoln Park will explain how to keep your teeth white after the procedure, including brushing and flossing on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to avoid the bad habits that create stains on the teeth. If you follow our dentist’s recommendations concerning consuming a healthy diet and only eating foods or drinking beverages that won’t stain your teeth, then you will enjoy the teeth-bleaching results for a longer amount of time. Contact Lincoln Professionals of Lincoln Park today.

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