Have You Created a Blu Ray, Consider Authoring Services

Most people have never heard of authoring services, even if they work in the show-biz industry. It is a process that takes all the video materials and combines it with a variety of aspects to ensure that the Blu Ray disc looks professionally done. These aspects can include:

  • Images
  • User Menus
  • Artwork
  • Chapter Points
  • Music/Text
  • Commentary
  • Animation
  • Repeat Settings
  • Autoplay
  • Overdubs
  • Much More

Sometimes, it can be challenging to figure out what it is and how to do it. Whenever you put in a disc to watch a movie, it usually comes with featurettes of other films. When you get to the main menu, it allows you to watch all the episodes (or full movie), choose which chapter to begin with (if you’ve already started and stopped it), or view the extras, such as watching the show with the commentary on. These features aren’t there when you create the video. They’re added by professionals later.

The Benefits

Your Blu Ray disc is now complete, and you want to polish it and make it look more professional. In most cases, they must be mastered and formatted. You may not realize it, but CDs, DVDs, and everything else have a set of standards for formatting. Plus, if you plan to deliver to RedBox, retail stores or Netflix, you want the finished product to looks as professional as possible. Authoring services allow you to do that because they look like any feature film that you would buy from a store and watch at home. You can find software that allows you to do it yourself, but professional companies can promise that your project plays on any Blu-Ray player and that it’s done on time.

You’ve created a video for Blu-Ray, so now it’s time to polish it. ChromaVision, found at http://www.chromavision.net offers authoring services and many others.

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