Have a Lien on Your Home? 3 Ways IRS Lien Removal Attorneys Can Help

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Oftentimes, taxpayers never discover that they have a lien on their property until they try to sell their property. Liens are typically placed on one’s property if they’re behind on taxes, if they lose a case involving a significant amount of money, or if they have failed to pay a contractor for doing work on their home.

Removing a lien can be achieved with the help of an attorney. Read on to learn three ways a lawyer can help you remove the lien on your property.

Get a Discharge of the IRS Lien
Applying for a discharge of an IRS lien in Elk Grove Village is an important step in removing a lien. With the help of IRS lien removal attorneys, you can begin this process by filing an Application for Certificate of Discharge. Successfully filling this discharge will result in the lien’s removal. Keep in mind that any other liens that aren’t part of the discharge will remain.

Apply for Subordination
The IRS can use a Certificate of Subordination in the event that this will encourage a taxpayer to repay their debt. While subordination won’t remove your lien, it can make the process of obtaining a loan easier, allowing you to repay your debts to help expedite the lien removal process. An attorney in Elk Grove Village can help you apply for this Certificate of Subordination.

Apply for a Withdrawal
Withdrawal of a lien will completely remove the lien from your property. While all situations won’t always be eligible for withdrawal, if an attorney believes you’re qualified for withdrawal, they can help you begin the process of filing Form 12277. This application for Withdrawal of Filed Form 668 will help you initiate the process of having the lien removed completely.

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