Handling a Fractured Tooth in St. Charles, IL

Handling a Fractured Tooth in St. Charles, IL

A fractured tooth is usually a fairly minor incident. That does not mean that the tooth should be left unrepaired. The first step that must be done after a tooth has been fractured is to rinse the area immediately. This will insure that if there is any debris left in the mouth that it will not fall into the area of the fractured tooth. The situation can get much worse if the tooth is not rinsed out immediately after being fractured. Just use warm water and then, if necessary, apply an ice pack to slow down any swelling that may occur.

Fixing a Fractured Tooth

The next step is to locate and contact a specialist for a fractured tooth in St. Charles, IL. Not all dentists are created equal. Make sure that the dentist is licensed and trusted. If possible try to get a referral from a friend or family member. A referral from a third party source can also be used. The professional needs to be able to work quickly and effectively to repair the fractured tooth.

If the fractured tooth is just minor, then the dentist can usually just sand the area. In slightly more severe cases, the dentist can place a cap or crown over the exposed area of the tooth. This is not an overly complex procedure but does take a little bit of time in order to perform the procedure.

The material chosen for the cap or crown is usually either a plastic resin, porcelain or composed of metal. A metal cap or crown is of course the strongest and lasts the longest, but it can feel a little funny in the mouth. Porcelain is the next strongest choice but does not last as long as a metal cap or crown. Finally, the plastic resin cap or crown is the weakest of the materials and lasts the shortest amount of time. This is of course the cheapest option. A dentist for a fractured tooth in St. Charles, IL can help with the decision process.

Children with Fractured Teeth

For children with a fractured tooth, it is suggested that this be mentioned when contacting a dentist for an appointment. Take the time to make sure that not only the dentist knows that this is a child but that the dentist has been recommended before as a trustworthy and reliable dentist for children.

There is a little bit of a difference in how procedures are handled with the fractured teeth of children. Overall, the process of fixing a fractured tooth is very minimal. There is no need to panic so long as the proper steps are taken to fix the fractured tooth in a timely manner. Find the right dentist for a fractured tooth in St. Charles, IL to have the tooth repaired as quickly as possible in order to mitigate any risk of losing the tooth.


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