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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital marketing tools available for attracting attention to a website. Experienced real estate agents and agency owners know that it is necessary to have a constant stream of traffic taking a look at the new properties listed on the site. If the site does not come up on the first page of results when a consumer looks for a real estate agent, agency or property type on Google, then people are unlikely to navigate to the site.

We offer commercial real estate digital marketing in Frisco TX in order to help independent agents and agencies of all types attract more attention. Our work begins with a site analysis. This helps us understand how the site currently performs. We also do an analysis of competing sites. We take a look at which trending keywords and long-tailed phrases are in use by consumers who end up on your site or your competitor’s sites. We use those words when updating SEO in your site’s content.

Our goal is to achieve the ideal ratio of keywords and phrases. We may also recommend that you refresh or update some of your site’s successful content. Updating sites, adding new meta tags and implementing fresh image tags all give a boost to your SEO. Because Google and the other search engines routinely make algorithm updates, we also make updates. We run an SEO and site performance check on a routine basis in order to ensure that your site continues to perform well and attract more traffic.

When you are looking for commercial real estate digital marketing in Frisco TX, contact us at Marketing for Real. You may also visit us online in order to learn more about our digital marketing services and how they could help your real estate agency.

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