Great Fall Projects for your Garden

Great Fall Projects for your Garden

Many people think the fall is the time of year to put thoughts of their summer gardens aside and hunker down for the long winter ahead. However the fall is a great time for considering Ottawa Landscape Design and coming up with a project while the season winds down.

Seasonal Plantings

There are many perennials and plants that should be planted in the fall. Coming up with an Ottawa landscape design that includes plants such as fir trees and shrubs, some bulbs and other plants that should be planted in the fall will allow you to set things in motion so that your new garden design is primed for a spectacular spring and summer.


The landscaping seasons tends to be busiest in the summer and speaking to an Ottawa landscape design company in the early fall is the perfect time to come up with some structural projects they can assist in installing. Items such as interlock projects and outside structures such as pergolas and gazebos are great projects to undergo as the fall approaches. Your landscaper will let you know what ideas are ideal for taking on in the fall months. Worst case scenario, you have a project lined up for them to begin in the early spring so you are ready to enjoy it once summer is in full swing.

Clean Up

The fall is the time of year to take a long hard look at your garden and look for opportunities to get things in order. You can make a list of plants you do not like or that are too high maintenance as well as rearrange things to make them more functional. This will get the area cleaned up before the winter arrives and have things ready for spring.

New Gardens

If you have purchased a resale home it is a good rule of thumb to live through an entire spring and summer and take note of the current lay of the land. Make a rough sketch of the flowers that come up that have been planted by the previous owners so you become familiar with everything and than you can use it to come up with additional Ottawa landscape design to add your own touches.

These projects are ideal for the fall and will help get your garden in order with design details and prep required to get your garden primed for the following spring.
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