Good Tips For Shipping Art

Good Tips For Shipping Art

Shipping fine works of art is not a matter of wrapping it up and hoping for the best, there is considerable thought put into any necessary custom crating in Los Angeles which will protect the art and get it to the destination in the same condition it was when it was first packaged. The packaging material that is used is often unique for a specific type of art. In most cases when people are going to ship irreplaceable pieces of art they arrange for custom crating in Los Angeles area.

When packing the items, it is important the right material is chosen. While many materials are safe to contact art, there is other material which is not and must not be used. Any cotton fabric or white linen is ideal as is rope or other binding material which has not been dyed. Although some plastics are safe to use, there are some that are unstable if subjected to the heat and humidity that the art may come into contact during the shipment.

Bubble wrap is a material which is considered unstable. When bubble wrap is in contact with wood which has been stained, it can easily damage the finish. Bubble wrap can be used but not until the piece of art has been wrapped in cotton or acid free shipping paper. The plastic must not touch the art or the frame.

There are companies that specialize in producing custom crates which are used for shipping all forms of art, heirlooms, antiques, etc. They have years of experience in doing this work, they not only work for individuals, they often are contracted to museums, collectors, dealers and corporations that pack and ship their art.

Depending on the piece and the distance it has to move, once art is properly packed, these same companies will arrange the actual shipping. There are services that have climate controlled trucks and vans which protect the art from any changes in temperature or humidity as both of these elements can have significant effect on the integrity of the piece. As the art which is being transported is of great value, many of these transport companies accompany the shipment, making sure it is never left unguarded during the whole trip.

Custom crating in Los Angeles is one of the specialties that ArtPACK offer. The crates use first class materials throughout and they can be used for subsequent shipments if necessary.


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