Give Yourself the Best Chance of a Good Outcome in Your DWI Case by Hiring an Attorney in Rockwall TX

Give Yourself the Best Chance of a Good Outcome in Your DWI Case by Hiring an Attorney in Rockwall TX

When it comes to hiring an attorney to help you with your DWI charges, many people believe that it’s best to keep your money in your pocket and consider pleading guilty or fighting your charges on your own. While you may think that doing so help you save money in the long run, you should be aware that you could actually be putting your life in jeopardy. If you’re thinking about going through the legal process alone, here are three situations in which that could very well be detrimental to your case:

Plea Bargaining

Contrary to popular belief, not all DWI cases are a lost cause. If your blood-alcohol tests are deemed inconclusive or the prosecution doesn’t have sufficient evidence in order to get a surefire conviction, you may find that they become much more willing to negotiate with plea bargaining. An experienced Attorney in Rockwall TX will likely be able to come up with a solid strategy to get your charges reduced, resulting in less harsh penalties for you.

Aggravating Circumstances

In some DWI cases, there may be aggravating circumstances that could make your case harder to fight. If there was a minor in the car at the time of your arrest, you were caught speeding, or you were involved in an accident that resulted in injury or death, you be facing a much harsher sentence. Having an attorney on your side means that you’ll be able to consult with someone who knows the DWI and may be able to help you negotiate with the prosecution so that these aggravating circumstances don’t result in increased jail time.

Going To Trial

Although many DWI cases get resolved without a trial, some defendants do find themselves fighting a court battle. If your case ends up going to trial, it will definitely be in your best interest to hire an Attorney. He or she will be able to hire an expert witness who can cast doubt on your sobriety test results, file a motion to suppress certain evidence before your trial begins, and help you prepare to take the stand and give your testimony.

Facing DWI charges can be a scary thing, but you don’t have to go through the process alone. Working with a good Attorney in Rockwall TX can help you with overcoming your fears and crafting a solid defense strategy that will help you get the most favorable outcome possible for your case.

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