Getting Low Cost Airline Tickets

by | Mar 10, 2014 | Transportation

If you have a destination in mind and you want to purchase low cost airline tickets it usually means spending time scrutinizing several online travel sites as well as the internet sites of the various carriers. Some of these sites are set up in such a way that it is possible to flag certain flights and when a better deal comes up, you will be advised instantly. There are other services available where you can bid on tickets, but these sites usually expect that you will be considerably more flexible with your schedule. There are many low cost airline tickets available through online ticket services but many of these flights have unpopular departure and arrival times and often are multiple flights meaning you have airport layovers.

Although the internet has eliminated a good number of travel agencies, there still are plenty and they can be the source of good deals. Many times, a professional in the travel industry has connections within the industry that they can call upon to get the lowest price for a flight with reasonable departure and arrival times. Although this is not always the case, if you book your hotel and car rental through the same agent, discounts are available for the entire package. These package discounts are normally available when the flight is to a popular destination but they are available at times for even small airports.

Think outside the box for great deals. Instead of staying comfortable and flying from your home airport to the precise destination, consider driving a bit to another airport and also consider flying to a destination which is close to where you want to go, but not exact. There can be considerable savings when this tact is considered.

Negotiating directly with the airline often gets results. If you are in the military for example or you are flying due to bereavement, the airlines often have deeply discounted flights that they hold in reserve for these situations. This is often true for students as well.

Airlines often offer low cost airline tickets to encourage the use of their budget feeder partners. Legacy carriers often have a low-cost carrier that flies under their name, starting with one can result in overall lower fares.

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