Getting Disability Insurance in Scranton PA

Getting Disability Insurance in Scranton PA

Did you know that at least 18 percent of Americans are living with a disability that resulted from the work place injury? Well, the environment that we live and work in is full of perilous situations and locations. You can try to make the workplace as safe as possible, but, by the end of the day, you cannot make it 100 percent accident proof. The only thing that you can do is take measures to make sure that when accidents happen, you and your employees are covered. This is basically the reason you should think about getting disability insurance in Scranton PA.

About the program

The insurance is meant to cover you in case an accident at work interferes with your ability to work. Every employee is expected to pay a specified amount of their earnings to cover themselves. This way, if a work related accident or trauma happens, and it leads to physical disability, or psychological disorders that make working impossible, you will still have some money to live on.

What is the insurance coverage?

Normally, you will start receiving the insurance money when you have spent six months out of work as a result of an injury. You have to prove that you have been incapacitated to start receiving the benefits. The insurance coverage the following things:

* Paid sick leaves

* Short term disability benefits

* Benefits for long term disabilities.

The types of insurance products available

There is more than one type of disability insurance coverage available. When you are choosing a cover, you need to have an expert to help you figure out the pros and cons of each. The following are the most common premium types.

* Individual disability insurance:

* This is the ideal package for those people that work for employers who don’t provide disability coverage. It is also appropriate if you are self employed and wish to get coverage.

* High limit disability insurance:

the good thing about this product is that you will get benefits that amount to 65% of your income.

Other products include business overhead expense disability insurance and key person disability insurance. Only an expert in disability insurance in Scranton PA can help you choose the most appropriate product.

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