Getting a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Springfield, MA

Getting a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Springfield, MA

Sexual harassment is a major problem in the workplace. It causes a lot of people to come to work stressed out because they can’t find relief or help for the problem. A lot of employers in the past would not take it seriously. Lately, it has become a rather serious issues. The Law Office of Michael O. Shea, PC, located in Massachusetts, will provide for you a sexual harassment lawyer in Springfield, MA. They want to tell you a little about sexual harassment issues in the workplace.

As it is, sexual harassment remains a critical issue for a lot of workers. It is even more commonplace in these tougher economic times. There are a lot factors in why sexual discrimination and harassment is such a large problem. The people who are doing the harassing are not thinking with their brains, per se; they are allowing other portions of their bodies to do the “thinking” for them. This can be a particular problem in executive management where power is often abused, and even expected in some cases. The managers somehow think the rules for sexual propriety exclude them and that they are above the very laws they are to uphold. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

Different means exist as to how sexual harassment/discrimination is played out. Text messages, social networks, chatrooms, private chats, as well as e-mails, all of these are the new technology that employ the age-old sexual discrimination tactics. A great deal of life is spent in the company of your co-workers, and as such, spending so much time with them will cause one to relax his or her guard and before you know it, improprieties are taking place.

It is against the law to create or tolerate a sexually hostile environment or any other kind of threatening environment for your employees. Michael O. Shea has been representing clients in sexual harassment suits for over twenty years in the Boston, Springfield and surrounding areas. They will take on your case if you think you have a sexual harassment suit or any other discrimination suit. For a sexual harassment lawyer in Springfield, MA, contact the Law Office of Michael O. Shea in their various offices. Click here for more information.

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