Get Your Suspension Fixed Today

A lot of things can damage your vehicle’s suspension, and arranging for a prompt suspension repair in Midway is important. An auto accident is one of the leading causes of a damaged suspension. Even a minor mishap, such as running up onto the curb or running off the road onto an incline of soil could be enough to damage the suspension. Another common cause of suspension damage is running over a serious pothole. During the winter months of the year and extending into early spring and late autumn, rapid freeze and thaw cycles may cause potholes to develop in the roads. You might not be able to avoid the pothole in time. Running into the hole could damage your front end, back end or the entire undercarriage of your vehicle.

Driving around with a damaged suspension puts your vehicle’s exhaust, drive train and other systems at risk of additional damage. Riding in a vehicle with a damaged suspension is uncomfortable, especially when you are at highway speeds. You may also feel uncomfortable when driving on roads that have not been resurfaced in a while. A bouncy ride could lead to additional damage to your vehicle’s electronics, brakes and other critical components.

A suspension repair restores proper balance to your vehicle. It puts a halt to the jumping and bouncing when you traverse rough roads or drive at high rates of speed. Our mechanics are factory-trained and certified. We are proud to work on a full spectrum of makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, minivans and SUVs. We work on both old and new vehicles.

When you are in need of suspension repair in Midway, contact us at VIP Tire Corporation. You may also learn more about our repair services, location and hours online.

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