Get Your Cool Air Back On Today!

Get Your Cool Air Back On Today!

In Chicago there is nothing better than a hot dog, baseball game, long nature hike or scenic drive. But what about when you get back home? On a long midsummer day of great activities there is nothing better than retiring to your own 70 degree haven of comfort. Just imagine… You come home, set your belongings down and start to unwind. “Why is it so hot in here?” you ask. You go and adjust the temperature at the thermostat, but it doesn’t get better with time. Your AC is failing. Emergency air conditioner Chicago area service is the only answer.

Go Time!

Now you need to call around to all the AC repair companies in the area. The first question you should ask is if they can come out right away. You may be surprised to find that there are actually companies that can come out that very night. Don’t just settle with the quote they give you though. You are hot and miserable, but not stupid. Call around and get as many quotes over the phone as you can. It shouldn’t take very long.

What to Look For

You need to look for a company that will come out right away, give you a quote and guarantee a fix time and price. Multiple companies may offer this service so be ready to spend an ample amount of time letting them into your residence. You may be tired and hot, but don’t let that regulate the amount of money you spend. When they enter your home, look for professionals that wear foot coverings to protect your belongings and flooring. Also make sure that they keep you informed about all of the repairs they are performing. Don’t just wait for them to come and say, “ It’s all fixed have a great day.” Get an itemized list of all the repairs and adjustments made during their trip, as well as an itemized list of what they are going to do later on.

After They Leave

After everyone is gone and the system is fixed, look and listen for any abnormalities. Does it sound too loud, or do you hear any weird noises that weren’t there before? Does it feel too humid in your residence? Have the workers damaged any property or left an outrageous amount of debris in their wake? These are all things to look out for after an AC company leaves. Don’t just assume that just because they are gone, they have performed an optimal job and you need to clean up their mess.


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