Get rid of discoloration by getting teeth whitening done in Salisbury NC

We all want to have that bright, white smile that lights up a room. But when your teeth are discolored, you may not feel like that’s a possibility. Discolored teeth may make smiling or talking uncomfortable for some people because they fear that the sight of their teeth will cause embarrassment.

Reasons why teeth become discolored

People who smoke and those who do not take good care of their teeth are prone to teeth discoloration. As time passes, teeth can become discolored due to exposure to nicotine or the build up of plaque. There are many other things that can cause teeth discoloration, such as eating or drinking things that are highly saturated in color. For example, in some Asian cultures, colored plant items are chewed as a form of jaw exercise or as a formed habit. These plants have a tendency to cause staining.

Solutions for discolored teeth

It is possible to correct teeth discoloration with a teeth whitening in Salisbury NC, dental treatment that uses a type of bleaching on discolored teeth. Widely accepted in society today, this dental procedure is now routinely undertaken by average people, not just models or movie stars.

Safe, effective, and low cost bleaching agents are utilized in the teeth whitening dental treatment. But many people are disappointed by the degree of whitening that this cosmetic dental treatment provides, but keep in mind that having extremely white teeth would look unnatural. Teeth whitening, dental bleaching only whitens teeth by 2-3 shades. It should be emphasized that the while the appearance of your teeth can be improved, teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that has limited potential results.

The duration of treatment

Length of treatment and durability is something teeth whitening treatment is asked about routinely. In many ways it’s similar to having cosmetic surgery. Even the finest work won’t last indefinitely because as time goes on there will naturally be some deterioration and it will have to be done again.

If you do not smoke, excessively eat acidic or colored foods and drinks that stain your teeth (i.e. coffee and red wine), your newly whitened teeth resulting from the teeth whitening, dental procedure will stay nice and white for about ten years.

Things to cautiously consider before a teeth whitening procedure. The teeth whitening, dental procedure cannot whiten teeth with colored fillings, please note this if you have colored fillings. So you might have to get new fillings after you get the teeth whitening done.

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