Get Money Fast for Selling Your Silver

Get Money Fast for Selling Your Silver

A stray earring, a broken necklace, a ring that no longer fits, these things and many more pieces of forgotten about jewelry are lying about your bathroom just waiting to be turned into fast cash. In fact, you probably don’t realize it, but you could have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of silver jewelry lying around. If you are looking for quick cash, what better way to do it than to Sell silver in Los Angeles?

Getting money for your unused and no longer desired silver jewelry is easier than you think. If you live in Los Angeles or any surrounding cities, you have access to hundreds of gold and silver pawn shops who are willing to pay you top dollar. It does not matter what kind of jewelry you have either. Watches, silver necklaces and earrings, pendants, antique broaches, even wedding rings can all be sold or pawned at a pawn shop.

It is easy to sell silver in Los Angeles. Simply gather up your jewelry and head down to your local pawn shop. There you jewelry will be inspected by a skilled staff member who will then ask you if you are interested in pawning or selling your silver items.

If you are looking to pawn your jewelry then you expect to come back at some point and retrieve your items. Pawning means the pawn broker gives you cash as a loan with the jewelry held as collateral. Usually sentimental items are pawned and not sold.

If you want to sell your silver in Los Angeles outright, the pawn broker will offer you an amount for your jewelry and precious metals. You should negotiate with the price, and the pawn broker expects you to. Understand you will not be paid full market value for the jewelry as the pawn broker must turn a profit when he or she ultimately sells the jewelry. Depending on the condition of the jewelry and the demand for it will have some bearing as to the amount you are offered, but don’t be discouraged from bringing in jewelry in bad shape. Brokers will still buy it, knowing they can sell it to smelters who will reuse the silver.

You can do a couple of things to get the most for your jewelry. You can take it to a jeweler who has an on-site appraiser who will give you a valuation for your jewelry. You can also go to several different pawn shops to see what the various brokers are willing to offer you for your silver.

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