Get Fit With Us Today

Getting fit is easier when you join us at The Max Challenge for our fitness programs. The Max Challenge is not a gym, but it is a fitness program. Our classes are available to people of all fitness levels. We make it easy for even a beginner to start getting fit. All of the exercises can be modified to accommodate your current level of fitness.

The Max is not your everyday gym. You will not see people lifting weights for an hour or running on a treadmill. We combine cardio and strength training at our fitness center in Sayreville NJ. This combination of physical activity helps you burn calories faster and build muscle mass. The result is a fitter you in less time. Our fitness programs last for ten weeks, but you are welcome to enroll again. Each time you take a class with us, we tailor the exercises to your fitness level.

Another important aspect of what we do at our fitness center is offer motivation and inspiration. Our fitness instructors act as life coaches to keep you going and do your personal best. Exercise is only one part of getting fit. The second part is to a healthy nutrition plan. We do not believe in dieting, because that often results in losing weight then regaining it all plus a few additional pounds. We believe in making incremental changes to your diet that are sustainable. For example, we may have you count grams of sugar, then decrease your intake of added sugars by 50 percent weekly.

When you are looking for a fitness center in Sayreville NJ, contact us at The Max Challenge of Sayreville. You can also visit us online to learn more about our fitness challenges, nutritional counseling and other services.

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