Fun Fashion Accessories for Girls Who Love Smoking Their Cannabis

Cannabis is legal in several states now. Even Arizona recently made it legal. That said, more women are interested in trying it, and more women who enjoy it would like to make it neater and cleaner when they partake. One company has decided to brand itself as the “girly smoke shop” and create some fun fashion accessories for female cannabis smokers.

The Blinged-Out Bong Vaping Pen

This attractive accessory looks like a large, diamond-encrusted lipstick case, but it’s really a bong vaping pen for cannabis. For ladies that don’t like “rolling their own”, this is a great alternative. It also is less messy for smoking in the car.

The Blinged-Out Stash Box or Stash Box Set

Want a sparkly girly way to store your cannabis buds and tools? The blinged-out stash box is perfect. Even if you don’t use it for marijuana, you can use it to stash other things of importance to you, like expensive jewelry, mementos, or your secret stash of getaway cash.

If you use it solely for your marijuana, then you should get the stash box set that includes the box and a matching bong vaping pen and a pre-rolled joint case that looks just like a fancy Hollywood cigarette case. It saves you money to buy the set, too, since you won’t have to buy the bong vape pen, the stash box, and the pre-rolled joint case separately. There are lots more smoking pretty and smoking hot accessories to match the ones already mentioned from this girly smoke shop.

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