Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Weed in Arlington, WA

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Weed in Arlington, WA

It may seem to Washington locals like legal marijuana is a ubiquitous part of modern life but for visitors to the state, the idea of buying legal weed in Arlington WA can feel a little bit overwhelming. Whether they’re planning to smoke pot for the first time or they’ve dipped their toes in the water already but want to know what to expect when heading to a dispensary, visitors to the state can find out what they need to know in advance. Check out the following frequently asked questions to get started.

Who Can Buy Weed?

Any legal adult can buy and consume weed, edibles, and other legal marijuana products in Washington state. To be clear, though, there is never a circumstance under which minors are allowed to consume recreational marijuana. Adults who buy weed with the intention of giving it to minors can be charged with felonies, so just don’t do it.

How Much Can Consumers Buy at Once?

Different stores have different limits on how much pot they’re willing to sell to any one particular recreational customer. The state also places limits on how much adults are legally allowed to buy. Unlike some states with legal marijuana, both locals and out-of-state visitors can buy up to an ounce of weed in Arlington WA at a time.

Where Can Weed Be Smoked?

There is a huge distinction between a state’s having legalized the possession and consumption of marijuana and it being acceptable to just smoke up anywhere. As with other controlled substances, weed can only be consumed on private properties. Technically, it can only be smoked on private properties out of public view.

Does the State Track Purchases?

Visitors to Washington state are sometimes hesitant to purchase pot if they’ve come from areas where marijuana is still illegal. There’s no need for tourists to worry that their home states might find out, though. While shop owners check ID, they don’t report who buys pot to the state.

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