Four Tips for Living Alone in Your First Apartment in Lincoln Park

More than 30 million adults live alone in the United States. For many of these people, living without parents, roommates or romantic partners can be an adjustment. If you’re looking for apartments for rent near DePaul University Lincoln Park by yourself, follow these tips to make the transition to living solo smoother.

Allow Time for Adjustment

Learning to enjoy living by yourself can be a process. Give yourself time to adjust. Talk to your family and friends if you need help but commit to embracing your independence and all the responsibility that comes along with it.

Stay Safe

Home security is essential when you are living alone. Be aware of your neighborhood and your surroundings, create a plan in case of an emergency and take any necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.

Meet the Neighbors

Becoming a part of your community can help you feel at home quickly, and it will also provide you with connections that may make living alone easier. For example, if you get to know your neighbors, you’ll know whose door to knock if you run out of sugar and who to call if you’re heading out of town and need someone to water the plants. Once you start building relationships, you’ll feel less isolated and safer in your new digs.

Keep Your Space Clean

It’s easy to let chores slide when you aren’t being nagged by roommates or a partner but keeping your space clean is good for your mental and physical health. You’ll enjoy living in a cleaner space more, and your apartment will always be ready to receive guests.

If you’re ready to embrace the freedom of living alone and looking for apartments for rent near DePaul University Lincoln Park, contact Ion Lincoln Park today.

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