Four Reasons to Use a Qualified Oak Ridge Social Security Lawyer

People hire Social Security lawyers when they get sick or hurt and can’t work before they turn 65. Consequently, they have no source of income. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration allows you to get disability benefits if you can prove that you have a veritable ailment that prevents you from working. That said, here are some key benefits of using an Oak Ridge Social Security lawyer.

Expertise and Know-How
A Social Security lawyer Oak Ridge has both a law degree and certification as a Social Security disability expert. He or she is also familiar with the process of filing for disability benefits and what it takes for you to win your case. These legal professionals know the judges who appear at hearings and what factors they consider most important when rendering their decisions.

Assist With Paperwork
A Social Security lawyer will usually help you with the disability application process. In most cases, the attorney or a paralegal will complete the form as he or she asks you questions about your condition and work history. Your attorney will then ensure your application form gets submitted to the proper parties at the Social Security Administration.

Advocate In Court
Your Social Security lawyer from Oak Ridge will also represent you at your hearing. On this particular day, your lawyer will coach you on how to answer the judge’s questions. He or she will also cite specific information from your medical records to convince the judge that you’re disabled.

Excellent Track Record
The best Social Security lawyers Oak Ridge will have helped numerous clients get disability benefits. They even invite these people to post testimonials on their firms’ websites. You can read about some of these people’s experiences online.

The best thing about hiring a qualified Oak Ridge Social Security attorney is knowing you have your best chance of getting disability benefits with his or her help. This can give you greater peace of mind.

Miller & Drozdowski is a highly reputable law firm that represents disabled people in Knoxville and East Tennessee, and you can get more information about the firm at 865-637-0515.

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