Four Benefits of A Sod Installation Service in St. Augustine, Florida

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A New Lawn in Little Time

If you plant grass seeds, it takes a while for them to grow. However, having sod installed can give you a new lawn quickly. You won’t have to look at bare dirt waiting for grass to grow. If you need grass for erosion control, sod will also control erosion right away. Good sod installation services will also remove any old grass and prepare the ground for the new sod.

Better Weather Resistance

The success of a new lawn planting often depends on the weather. If there’s too little rain, the new grass will dry up unless you water it. Excessive watering or heavy rains can wash away the grass seeds. Newly laid sod is more resistant to bad weather. It’s also easier to water because it needs less water and because its watering demands are less precise.

The Right Sod for Your Lawn

The best sod installation services in St Augustine provide sod that’s suitable for your yard. They provide types of sod suited to the local climate and can help you choose the best sod for your area. If you need grass that’s drought-resistant, salt-tolerant, or low-maintenance, they can help you choose the right sod.

Less Risk of Failure

If you have sod installed by a good sod installation service, you’ll have your whole lawn covered with nice green grass. There won’t be patches where grass failed to grow well or where weeds moved in before the grass could grow.

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