Five Things You Can do To Help Your Cooling System in Mt. Pleasant

Your air conditioning has the big job of keeping your home cool when it’s hot. In certain situations, it may get overloaded and require you to call for Mt Pleasant heating and cooling services. You can avoid this from happening and help make your cooling system’s job a lot easier by following some or all of the tips listed below.

Portable and Ceiling Fans

Before air conditioners, people had to make life work with portable and ceiling fans. With proper use, fans can help lower the temperature in your home significantly. Even a few temperature points lower will help take some of the strain off your AC.

Cold Showers

Cold showers work wonders at helping to keep you cool, especially during the hottest part of the day. For maximum effect, after you finish showering, dry-off minimally and set yourself in front of a fan.

Window Control

Windows are responsible for letting in a lot of heat. By blocking this heat, you’ll cause your house to drop a few or more temperature degrees. Durable sun curtains or blinds work well at keeping out the sun’s rays. You can also invest in residential window tinting.

Stay Downstairs

Heat rises, and cold air falls. If you’re living in a two- or three-story home, then science says your ground floor will be cooler than your top floor. Additionally, in a house with two and three stories, the ground floor is protected from the harsh rays of the sun by the floors above it.

Let Cool Air In

When the temperature outside is less than inside, you’ll want to open your windows and doors to let cool air in. You can help this fresh air circulate by placing fans at your windows and doors. Once the air outside starts to heat up, close your windows and doors to trap the cool air inside.

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