Five Rules of Effective Vehicle Signs

Five Rules of Effective Vehicle Signs

When you decide to invest in vehicle signs you want to ensure you are getting more bang for your buck. Here are the five rules to apply to the design of your vehicle signs for the best effect:

1. Impactful Branding: Before you work with a company to design your vehicle signs make sure you are clear on your branding. You want to have an effective logo, clear communication and impactful colors all working together to create the look you want for your business. If you work with an ad agency ask them to advise you on the best way to use your logo that is condusive to the look of the vehicles in question.
2. Photos versus Illustration: For the most part, photos are not as effective as illustrations. For example, a photo of a home’s interior for a carpet cleaning company does nothing as people will not know if you sell carpets, do interior design or build homes. However, an illustration of a person cleaning a carpet gives a clear message in the 2.5 seconds a person has to view your vehicle signs.
3. Short and Sweet: Don’t get too caught up in words. Use a short but sweet slogan that will get your message across quickly. When combined with your logo and an effective illustration, the eye will capture all the elements required to absorb the message. For example, if you clean carpets a simple “Finest Carpet Cleaning” will do the trick.
4. KISS: keeping your design simple will make it easier to see what your business does. If you try to get too creative you may find your vehicle signs become nothing more than noise. You want to have a clear logo, quick message and of course a phone number or website people can refer to when they decide they want further information.
5. From a Distance: Another reason simplicity works is that most people will be viewing your vehicle signs from a distance. Keeping the most important elements front and centre, as well as large and in charge is key for effective vehicle signs.

Using these five simple rules will help get you noticed more effectively, increasing your ROI for your vehicle signs.

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