Finding The Right Autism Therapy In Green Bay WI Can Be A Difficult Decision

Finding The Right Autism Therapy In Green Bay WI Can Be A Difficult Decision

Roughly one in 88 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, every day. The children suffer with anything from problems with social gatherings, communication, and repetitive behaviors. The different syndromes that are now all categorized under ASD include Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, pervasive development disorder and Asperger syndrome. Since there is a wide variety of disorders under the ASD heading, finding an Autism Therapy Green Bay WI can be a hard decision for a family to make.

Late in 1988 a very popular movie starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman brought the case of a man suffering with autism to the big screen. While the film was entertaining it showcased an autism case in its most severe form. Truthfully speaking, 40% of those diagnosed with the disease have functioning skills and above average capabilities to blend into society without others detecting a problem. Only 25 percent of those suffering with ASD may not be able to communicate with others using verbal skills but may develop another way to communicate.

For parents who are struggling with a child that they fear may be suffering from autism, it takes constant testing before a diagnosis can be made. Unfortunately, in most cases these tests are not conclusive until the child is of two years of age. Two years is a long time to get an answer for a parent and child that are struggling for answers. The symptoms vary for each autistic case and this presents a problem for parents to start on the right Autism Therapy Green Bay WI.

Since each case is different, there are a variety of treatments that need to be tested on the patient. Medications such as anti-psychotics, serotonin, Prozac, Ritalin and other stimulants have been known to help. An intensive behavioral therapy introduced early on has had great results in case studies but being able to afford such therapy limits the patients involved.

While autism has been around for hundreds of years, it hasn’t been until the beginning of the 1900’s until cases started to surface in frequency. In the last few years the known cases have been increasing but just like autism itself, the reason the cases have increased is numerous. Are people more comfortable with diagnosing the symptoms? Are parents recognizing the signs? Working with Steven Klein may be able to focus a direction for your individual case.

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