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One of the most difficult parts of shopping for jewelry in Monroe, LA is finding a store that has the perfect diamond for you and the expertise to explain why. An experienced and formally trained jeweler is a great resource to help you find your perfect diamond.

Here are some tips of what to consider when selecting a diamond.

Decide on a Shape

Before you do anything else, figure out what shape of diamond you are looking for. If you are not sure what shape you want, two of the most popular choices that jewelry stores in Monroe, LA offer are princess cuts and round cuts. Two main benefits of round diamonds are their timeless style and how amazing they look no matter what setting they are placed in. A pro of princess cuts is the shape. The shape of princess cut diamonds may create an optical illusion of the diamond be larger than it is actually. A skilled jeweler and gemologist can help walk you through your options.

Determine Carat Weight Ahead of Time

Before you walk into a jewelry store, think about the carat weight that you may looking for. This will allow the jeweler to display the weights you are interested in.

Something to keep in mind with carat weights is that they need to be considered in conjunction with the setting that they will be placed in. The great thing about working with a jeweler who specializes in custom work is that he has an eye for balancing stone size with the setting to produce a stunning ring, necklace, or other jewelry piece.

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