Finding Health Insurance in Waynesboro After Losing a Job

Finding Health Insurance in Waynesboro After Losing a Job

Many working-age Americans get health coverage through their employers, but many people have lost coverage as they have lost their jobs. In today’s tough economic climate, finding Health Insurance Waynesboro can seem like an impossible task–but there is coverage available for those who aren’t in the job market.

Are you Recently Unemployed? COBRA can Help

If your job provided your family’s health coverage, you may be able to keep your policy for a length of time through the COBRA law. This Federal law can help those with pre-existing conditions that can prevent them from getting new insurance coverage. It may be a viable option if you or someone in your family has a such a condition, but if your family is relatively healthy, you may be able to get similar plans for less money than those available through COBRA.

Buying Individual Health Coverage

COBRA plans can be costly, because you must pay the entire monthly premium instead of splitting it with your employer (and many plans charge at least a 2% administrative fee). If your coverage is extended beyond the average 18 month term due to a disability, you may end up paying 150% or more of the monthly plan premium–instead of sharing the cost with an employer.

Unemployed People and Pre-existing Conditions

For those out of work and not qualifying for private insurance plans or COBRA coverage, there is help available through state sanctioned health insurance plans. Most states offer higher-risk pools, which are health plans offering similar coverage to comprehensive individual plans. If you don’t know whether you can get coverage on your own due to a pre-existing condition, talk to Towe Insurance Service Inc for personalized advice. Your agent can help you find a plan that works for you, whether it’s private or government sponsored.

Millions of Americans are out of work, and the loss of a job can be especially devastating if it is accompanied by a loss of Health Insurance Waynesboro. If you’re unemployed and losing your insurance, the options listed above can give you and your family the coverage you need to stay well.

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