Finding Cosmetic Dentistry in The Plano Area

When needing cosmetic dentistry, you may wonder exactly what it is, and what is offered. When searching for a dentist, or if you already have one, you find out that this is teeth whitening, veneers, and cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic Dentistry in Plano will help you want to smile more and show off your beautiful teeth. Contact your dentist to get pricing on what in office and at home whitening will cost. You can also find out how much veneers and cosmetic bonding will cost.

Cosmetic bonding is much like veneers, but it is completed in often one visit. It is a very affordable alternative to what veneers cost, and has much the same look. Cosmetic bonding is made from the same material as white tooth filling and you work with your dentist to obtain the look that you are both happy with. A blue light is used on the areas with bonding to harden it.

Teeth whitening can be done in office, or you can get a professional at home whitening kit from your dentist that consist of trays that you wear at night or in the day with teeth whitening gel in them. Most often the trays and gel need to be used for two weeks to get the same whitening that an in office whitening can give you. Whether you want the full two weeks it takes is up to how white you want them.

In office teeth whitening can take one hour, the cost is much more than what at home whitening kit would cost. Whitening formula is placed on the teeth, and activated with a blue light while you watch TV. Often this process is repeated one to two more times in that visit while you are there before you leave with a beautiful smile.

What you can get with good cosmetic dentistry near Plano or other cosmetic dentist offices are beautiful smiles that make you want to show your teeth. When you are happy with your smile, people smile a lot more and are very happy with how they look. Look into cosmetic dentistry near Plano for your cosmetic dentistry needs. Visit website at Lone Star Dental Care to schedule an appointment.

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