Finding a Roommate: Making the Most Out of Student Housing at UT Austin

Finding the perfect roommate can make your entire college experience significantly easier. However, if this is your first year away at school, you might not know how to find the best match. Therefore, continue reading to learn a handful of tips on helping you find a roommate and life long friend for student housing in UT Austin.

Match With Someone With a Similar Major

Late study sessions can help you bond with your roommate. You can also take the same classes and take notes for each other if either of you happens to miss a class.

Search Facebook Groups Early

UT Austin offers many resources to help you match with a friendly roommate. Make sure to take advantage of their popular roommate Facebook group pages as soon as you get your acceptance letter and figure out where you want to live — a dorm or an off campus apartment.

Embrace Your Differences

Learn conflict resolution and learn to embrace your differences. Sometimes you’re not always matched up to the perfect roommate — and that’s completely okay. Avoid passive-aggressive comments if conflict does arise and learn how to express your feelings without judgment.

Searching for Your Dream Apartment?

However, you need an apartment before you can even begin your search for the perfect roommate. Finding student housing at UT Austin can be just as daunting, so to make the move easier, consider contacting Ion Austin for your housing needs. You can learn more about their housing options and schedule a tour on their website.

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