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Most people don’t even know what an instrument cluster is until their 2004 Silverado needs a new one or needs one repaired. Whenever something goes wrong, they are in a rush to find someone to help, but it is important that you stop and consider each company carefully to ensure they are the best option for you.


The company you select should have professional repair people who have completed training and earned certificates because repairing a speedometer that doesn’t keep proper track of speed or dash instruments with no backlighting shouldn’t be fixed by anyone but a professional.

Talk with a few companies and ask them about the amount of repairs that each employee has completed in a year. The number you get will probably surprise you, but then you should ask them how many 2004 Silverado clusters they repair a year. Each vehicle is different so it is important that you ask about your specific model to ensure they have done those repairs before.


Unless you live close to the repair company, you will need to have the instrument cluster removed from the vehicle and shipped to a repair shop. This is a normal and easy process, but you will want to find out how long the company will need to make the repairs. It will take a few days to have the cluster shipped to the company and then another few days for them to order the right parts. Once it is fixed, they will ship it back to you, which will take another few days. A week or two is usually a decent time to wait for your fixed instrument cluster, but the time of year and the model may also change the finish time.

Warranties and Rates

Whether you are shopping for a car or getting repairs done on a 2004 Silverado, costs can fluctuate. When considering a replacement instrument cluster, be wary of those companies that say you must purchase a new one. They may not be able to repair it or may just want you to pay extra for a new cluster when you could be just as happy with a less expensive repair. The company should be able and willing to rebuild or repair an instrument cluster and it will usually be about half the price of a new cluster and offer a warranty.

A 2004 Silverado instrument cluster can be rebuilt or repaired so consider a company like D&D Instruments that repairs with new parts.

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