Find a Dental Implant Specialist in Milwaukee

Many residents in Milwaukee lose teeth before they should and wonder what can be done. While dentures and bridges are suitable and can be helpful, top dental implants are the best bet. However, it’s tough to understand differences in types of implants. Of course, they are tailor-made to match your natural teeth, so they can be made to fit the shape and color of your existing teeth. You can visit out dental implant specialists in Milwaukee, referred to as prosthodontists, in Milwaukee.

Two Types

The two types of implants include endosteal and subperiosteal. The endosteal version is put into the jawbone and is the most common option. The posts are usually made of titanium and look similar to a screw. The subperiosteal version is placed under your gum line but on/above the jawbone. They work well for people who don’t have enough jawbone left and don’t want to go through bone augmentation to rebuild their jawbone.

If you don’t want subperiosteal implants, depending on your condition, you can consider certain techniques to restore the jawline or rebuild bone. These include ridge expansions, sinus lifts, and bone augmentation.

Traditional vs. Other Implants

The traditional implant is one that is embedded into the jawbone or the gums and allowed to heal for a particular period of time, usually a few weeks or a month. Then, the abutment is added, which gives a pointed end where the crown goes over it, which is the part that looks like a natural tooth.

If you don’t want to wait or have other issues, you can find immediate load implants, also called same-day implants where they are embedded into the jawbone, and you get a temporary crown to allow you to eat.

Top dental implants are the ones that work best for your situation. Visit EON Clinics in Milwaukee for more information.

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